I recently read an article that teaching in China is one of the top ten most stressful jobs. I do agree with the article because teachers are not only teaching students, but they are also acting as counselors and dealing with problems that students might bring to school from home. We, as parents, need to realize this and understand that it’s not an easy life as a teacher.Allen Mak
  最近我讀到一篇關於在中國教學的文章,裡面提及在中國教書是十大壓力最大的工作之一。我同意文章中的觀點,因為老師不僅教授知識給學生,同時他們也充當顧問的角色,解決學生可能從家裡帶到學校的問題。我們,作為父母,需要意識到這點,並且明白這對老師而言並不容易。  (原標題:Life as a teacher)
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